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Cloudflare Alternatives


Self-hosting often works great, but it requires some effort to setup. It is more aimed at technical people.

We might create a guide for some self-hosting basics which don't require Cloudflare. IPFS may be worth consideration if performance is the main concern.

Apache is vulnerable to various low-bandwidth attacks. Use other server software such as Caddy, lighttpd or nginx.

Best way to protect your server from DDoS

  • Avoid any third-party service that can intercept HTTP traffic (like Cloudflare)
  • Install WAF on your loadbalancer.
  • Add rate-limit to your nftable(firewall) and server software.
    • Just drop the excessive connection.


Alternative Drawback Price Link
Akamai can be used to block Tor ?
BunnyCDN ? $0.01+
Codeberg pages support censorship; no custom domain support; tor hostility Free
Gitee pages must understand Chinese Free
Github pages uses Microsoft servers Free (WARNING: Tor/VPN users will get their account blocked automatically by Github)
Level 3 ? Enterprise
PerimeterX not gratis ? -
Sharktech DDoS Solutions ? ? Modifies * response Free
Voxility ? ?
eQualitie not gratis gratis during COVID19
neoCities static pages Free
sucuri not gratis; tor hostility at ~3.483% $200+

Not researched yet

  • CDNJS: sponsored by Cloudflare. It might use it in the background.

Why X is not included

X Reason
Cloudflare Tunnel Uses Cloudflare.
DDoS-GUARD just like CloudFlare.
Gitlab pages GitLab is now Cloudflared
Imperva Uses Cloudflare.
jsDelivr Uses Cloudflare, see their network page
Netlify Uses Amazon AWS which is also a content delivery network. It would be hypocritical to include it.
Siteground Tor-hostile people.


Sucuri and eQualitie have a history of CloudFlare patronage, but no longer.