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How to use Chromium with Tor

  1. Install Tor.
  • Linux: apt install tor
  • Windows: e.g. tor --service install -options -f C:\tor\torrc
  1. Download "set-pac-from-file.zip" from Issue 839566: Remove support for PAC file to be loaded from files

  2. Open your Chromium directory and create a folder named "pac-loader" (anything)

  3. Extract the zip to "pac-loader"

  4. Open "my_pac_script.js" file

  5. Change it like this.

function FindProxyForURL(url, host){
    if (shExpMatch(host,"*.onion")){return "SOCKS5";}
    if (shExpMatch(host,"*.cloudflare.com")){return "SOCKS5";}
	return "SOCKS4";
  1. Open Chromium > 3 dots > More Tools > Extensions

  2. Enable "Developer mode"

  3. Click "Load unpacked"

  4. Select your "pac-loader" directory

  5. Click "Details" of "Set PAC from file"

  6. Enable "Allow in incognito"

  7. Close and reopen your browser