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Scan FQDN using API

You′ve found something on the internet.
Are these links blocking Tor users or not?
This add-on is using[1] Ss′ Public[3] API to scan FQDN.
	e.g. https://ekzemplo.com/page.html → "ekzemplo.com"

This add-on never send other information.

[1] How to use offline database
	1. Open add-on's option page and select "Use Offline Local Database".
	2. Click "Database" link.
	3. Create a new text file[2] (or download text file from stop_cloudflare)
	4. Click "Import Database" and select your text file.
	5. Wait until the message appear.

[2] Text file example

[3] Public API services
	You can select which API service you want to use.