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Cloudflare Members

Founder, Director

Name Title Else
Carl Ledbetter Pelion Venture Partners
Katrin Suder Partner
Lee Holloway founder https://twitter.com/icqheretic
Maria Eitel Partner https://www.linkedin.com/in/maria-eitel-78baa868
Mark Anderson Partner
Matthew Prince CEO https://twitter.com/eastdakota
Michelle Zatlyn founder https://twitter.com/zatlyn
Scott Sandell New Enterprise Associates
Stan Meresman Partner https://www.linkedin.com/in/stanmeresman


Name Title Else
Aakash Shah Data Center Administrator
Aamir Thoker Employee
Aanchal Gupta Sales Operations
Aanchal Malhotra Employee
Aaran McGuire Cloudflare
Aaron Fiorucci Account Executive
Aaron Lisman Employee
Aaron Loyd Employee
Aaron McGuire Technical Support Engineer
Aaron Meyer-Abbott Client Success Engineer
Aaron Trott Security Performance Specialist
Abby Carrales McNertney Security Compliance
Abby Morrill Assistant Controller
Abdulrahim Harara Business Development
Abe Carryl Product https://twitter.com/mrlincolnlogs
Abhi Das Employee
Abida Ali Delivery Manager https://twitter.com/abida_aal
Abraham Shaheen Security Performance
Achiel van der Mandele Product Manager achiel@cloudflare.com
Adam Chalmers Systems Engineer, Austin
Adam Chalmers Employee https://twitter.com/adam_chal
Adam Martinetti Support Engineer
Adam Morse Employee
Adam Schwartz Composer Designer adam.flynn.schwartz@gmail.com
Adam Shea Expansion Account Manager
Adam Wager Employee
Adam Winter Solutions Engineer
Adam Woss Systems Reliability Engineer
Adarsh Seetharam Product Manager
Addis Sendaba Customer Success
Adena Kirkbride Customer Development
Adrian Phillips Customer Development
Aerene Aphiwatudomkun Customer Development
Ahamed Nafeez Security
Ahrenn Sivananthan Product Management Intern
AJ Gerstenhaber Team Security Sales
Aki Shugaeva Employee
Akshata Mohan Data Scientist
Alaina Kretchmer Customer Advocacy
Alan Braithwaite Systems Engineer
Alayzain Zain Rizavi Customer Development
Albert Moore Employee
Albert Strasheim Systems Engineer
Albert Zhao Employee
Albina Sultangulova Customer Success Manager
Alejandra Quevedo Security Engineering Manager
Alejandro Diehl Employee
Alejandro Ramirez Information Security Compliance Intern
Alek Amrani Product Security Engineer
Alessandro Ghedini Systems Engineer aghedini@cs.unibo.it
Alexander Bocharov Data Engineer
Alexander Dwyer Account Executive
Alexander Huynh Systems Reliability Engineer alex@xn--bj8h.mp
Alexander Palaistras Systems Engineer
Alexandra Logan Customer Development
Alexandra Modiana Employee
Alexandra Moraru Delivery Manager
Alex Chan Employee
Alex Cruz Farmer Product Manager for Security https://twitter.com/alexcf
Alex Davidson Employee
Alex Dyner Head of Special Projects
Alex Fattouche Employee
Alex Forster Systems Engineer, Austin alex@alexforster.com
Alex Krawiec Technical Writer and Engineer
Alex Krivit Employee
Alex Musgrove Account Executive
Alex Odagiu Special Projects
Alex Robinson Systems Engineer arobinson@cloudflare.com
Alex Tasioulis Support Engineer
Alex Ta Accountant
Alex Thiang Relationship Manager
Alex Vidal Product Strategy
Algin Martin Technical Support Engineer
Alice Bracchi Lisbon
Alice Yang Employee
Alison Baum Special Projects
Alissa Starzak Public Policy, Washington DC
Aliza Knox Head of Cloudflare Asia https://twitter.com/alizaknox
Aljona Tcherniavskaia Marketing Globalization Strategist
Allati El Henson Lead Brand Designer
Allen Lai Head of Support
Allen Marcus Business Development
Allen Rinehart Security Risk Management https://www.zoominfo.com/p/Allen-Rinehart/3217367198
Alon Gavrielov Infrastructure
Alonso Bustamante Special Projects
Alonso Quiroz Herrera Employee
Alvin Khor ASEAN Sales Lead
Alvin Lin Growth Marketing Manager
Alvin Tai Enterprise Sales
Alvis Duong Employee alvisduong@gmail.com
Aly Cabral Product https://twitter.com/Aly_Cabral
Amada Echeverria Field Marketing & Events
Amin Fawzi Business Development
Amir Tahsini Customer Development
Amit Lift Business Development
Amy Bibeau Front Desk Coordinator
Amy Cebrian Enterprise Solutions
Amy Kux Finance
Amy Lee Employee
Ana Boardman-Hsue Program Manager
Ana Hagerup Business Development
Anand Guruprasad Solutions Engineer
Anca Hurduc Account Executive
Andrea Miller Marketing Coordinator
Andre Bluehs Employee
Andre Cruz Employee
Andrei Aleksejevs Business Development
Andres de Fuenzalida Employee
Andres H. Pimentel Gtm Research & Development
Andres Mariscal Data Scientist
Andrew A. Schafer Writer
Andrew Fitch Developer https://twitter.com/fitchaj
Andrew Galloni Front End Engineer
Andrew Geiser Account Executive
Andrew Hauck Systems Engineer https://twitter.com/andrewhavck
Andrew Horton Employee
Andrew Kennedy Web Developer
Andrew Li Employee
Andrew Mitschke SEO Lead https://twitter.com/AndyMitty
Andrew Plunk Systems Engineer
Andrew Sharp Software Engineer, Austin
Andrew Shifflett Account Executive
Andria Bouskos Head of Legal Compliance
Andria Jones Head of Legal Compliance
Andronicus Riyono Support Engineer, Singapore
Andy Jordan Multimedia Lead
Andy Lockhart EMEA
Andy Parker Employee
Andy Silverstein Customer Development
Andy Wang Employee
Andy Wimmer Technical Support Engineer
Ane Kallmyr Lerheim Legal Intern
Angela Huang Customer Success Manager
Angie Kim Product Manager
Anika Murthy FP&A Analyst
Anil Karavadra Business Development Manager EMEA
Anil Savaliya Employee
Anil Somaney Go to Market Leader
Anirban Banerjee Systems Engineer
Anita Tenjarla Employee
Anjum Ahuja Security Engineering Manager
Ankur Aggarwal Solutions Engineer
Anna-Maria Gyergyai Engineer
Anna Ko Employee
Anna Sapegina Employee
Anna Wolf Recruiter
Annelise Dutcher Business Development
An Nguyen Employee
Annie Tang Global Growth
Annie Yichen Tang Sales Operations Lead
Annika Garbers Product Management https://twitter.com/annikagarbers
Anthony Chobanian Employee
Anthony Hatley Employee
Anthony Leong Solutions Engineering
Antoine Lienhard Employee
Antonia Tran R & D Solutions
Antonio Cocera Employee
Antonio Rancan Solutions Engineer
Anurag Reddy Capacity Planning Manager
Anushka Aggarwal Data Analyst Marketing
Anwar Karzazi Employee
Apoorva Wadehra Solutions Engineer
Apoorv Goel Data Analyst
Ardi Judanto Staff Accountant
Arjunan Rajeswaran Employee
Arlin William Product Designer, Austin
Arman Baratifar Business Intelligence
Armando Faz-Hernandez Cryptography Engineer
Armando Faz Cryptography Engineer https://twitter.com/armfazh
Arman Rye Solutions Engineer
Arthur Fabre Systems Engineer
Arun Rahul Singh Product Marketing, Security
Arun Rex Employee
Arvind Singh Global Sales Enablement "Arvind Singh Mickey"
Arwa Ginwala Solutions Engineer
Ashcon Partovi Employee
Ash DSouza Strategy and Operations
Ashish Gandhi Systems Engineer
Ashley Eining Employee
Ashley Gorringe Partner Account Manager
Ashley Lewis Developer alewis@cloudflare.com
Ashley M. Lewis Employee
Ashley McClain Events
Ashley Williams Employee ashley666ashley@gmail.com
Ash Mathur Employee
Aubrey Evans-Trawick Employee
Aurora Lian Zhang Supply Chain Operations Analyst
Austin Cherry Cloudflare
Austin McKinley Systems Engineer https://www.zoominfo.com/p/Austin-Mckinley/-2055432569
Austin Stanford Employee
Austin Urraca Business Development
Avery Harnish Systems Engineer
Ayako Kobayashi Recruiting Coordinator
Azin Mirzaagha Employee
Bani Singh Intern
Baptiste Descateaux Business Development
Barrett Thies Employee
Barry Fisher Product Director
Barton Pickett Employee
Bashir Khader Contracts
Bas Westerbaan cryptographic engineering research
Ben Bradley Employee
Ben Burkert Employee
Benedikt Christoph Wolters Systems Engineer
Ben Fathi Head of Engineering
Ben Filreis Business Development
Ben Han Korea Sales Executive
Benjamin Cartwright-Cox Support Engineer
Ben Peera Employee
Ben Ritter Networking https://twitter.com/BenNetworks
Ben Solomon Product Management Intern
Bethany Sonefeld Product Designer https://twitter.com/bsonefeld
Beth Sautter Account Executive
Beth Watson Employee
Betsy Sedlak Customer Success
Bhavik Gandhi Sales Operations, Americas
Bhavin Tailor Technical Support Engineer
Bill Phillips Customer Development
Billy Kander Technical Recruiter
Blake Mattos Product Designer
Blake Williams Customer Success Engineer
Bobby Guhasarkar Marketing https://twitter.com/bguhasarkar
Bobby Lam Customer Development
Bob Kuo Systems Engineer
Bob Laskey Enterprise Sales
Bob Zavala Employee
Bo Li Employee
Boris Lecoeur Head of France
Boris Yanovsky People Data Analyst
Brad Carey Account Executive
Braden Ehrat Systems Engineer
Brady Gentile Product Marketing
Brandon Crowe Enterprise Account Executive
Brandon Huang Business Development
Brandon Lacanaria Business Development
Brandon Nelson Employee https://github.com/bnelz
Brendan McMillion Engineer brendan@cloudflare.com
Brent Coco Trainer
Brett Erilane Operations Engineer
Brett Hoerner Systems Engineer
Brian Bassett Hardware Infrastructure Engineer
Brian Batraski Product Manager
Brian Bradley Employee
Brian Carbone Product Manager
Brian Ceppi Account Executive
Brian Guan Head of Tax
Brian Harring Systems Engineer
Brian Mgrdichian Solutions Engineer
Brian Mitchell Support Engineer
Brian Parks Employee
Brittany Brown Public Relations Associate https://twitter.com/brittanymbrown
Brittany Byers Fritsch Product Manager
Brittany Martell-Harris Accountant
Brittany Thai Account Executive
Brooke Kumar Portfolio Manager
Bruce Li Employee
Bruce Rabinowitz Employee
Bryant Chang Marketing Operations Manager
Bryan Vale Employee
Buck Wallander Network Engineer
Caitlin Magat Demand Generation
Cale Quasha Sales Manager
Calvin Scherle Solutions Engineer
Candice Madruga Knoll Customer Success Manager, LATAM
Carl Garcia Account Executive
Carlos Rodrigues Lisbon
Carlos Silva Sales Director LATAM
Carly Bothe Finance Project Manager
Carly Wood People Team Business Partner, London
Caroline Greer Public Policy
Caroline Quick Senior Director https://www.linkedin.com/in/seacue
Caroline White Sales Operations
Carson Andorf Employee
Cassandra Morris Employee
Cassy Olson Account Executive
Cate Danielson Employee
Catherine Dawson Business Development
Catherine Flagler Recruiter
Cathy Hsu Employee
Cavin Kindsvogel Product Strategy Manager
Celso Martinho Director Of Engineering in Lisbon celso@cloudflare.com
Chaat Butsunturn Customer Development
Chad Schaefer Customer Development
Chad Skinner Corporate Counsel
Chad Toerien Account Executive https://twitter.com/ChadToerien
Chandra Mohan Raju Data Engineering
Charles Ng Production Engineering
Charlie Andrews Systems Engineer
Chase Robinson Security Compliance Analyst
Cheyanna Chy Sarmento Campaign Manager, Brand Team
Chloe Chang Employee
Chloe Medosch Customer Success Manager
Chris Adam Solutions Engineer
Chris Branch Systems Engineer
Chris Broglie Web Services Engineer
Chris Chua Customer Success Manager, Singapore
Chris Conanan Business Development
Chris De La Garza Employee
Chris Howells Systems Reliability Engineer
Chris Jones Financial Planning
Chris Kenney Partner Sales Manager, Austin
Chris Merritt Chief Revenue Officer
Chris N. Maynard Business Development
Chris Scharff Solutions Engineer, Austin
Chris Snook Systems Engineer
Chris Snowdon Employee
Christian Antonow Customer Success Manager
Christian Elmerot Employee
Christian Elsen Product Manager
Christian Paulus Product Marketing
Christie Draper Technical Support Engineer
Christina Briscoe Accountant
Christina Reip Employee
Christina Tanoto Business Development
Christina Wilson Employee
Christine Hu Employee
Christine Lam Customer Success
Christopher Federico Solutions Engineer
Christopher Martin Customer Support Engineer
Christopher Patton Crypto Team cjpatton@ufl.edu
Christopher Rotas Customer Development
Christopher Shelley Employee
Christopher Teaney Employee
Christopher Wood Employee
Christoph Hermann Windows NT
Chris Wang Solutions Engineer, Singapore
Chris Wong Sales Operations https://twitter.com/ChrisWKWong
Chuan Murasaki-jima IT Manager
Chung-Ting Huang Employee
Cina Saffary Systems Engineer
Claire Tsai Global Expansion https://getglobal.co/claire-tsai-head-of-globalization-cloudflare/
Clement Schoehn Employee
Cody Koeninger Employee
Colin Douch Systems Reliability Engineer
Colin Lim Head of Sales, APAC and Japan
Colin Murray Solutions Engineer
Colleen Noonan Core SRE Manager
Colton Becker Cybersecurity, Austin
Connor Jones Systems Engineer
Connor Peshek Developer Relations
Constance Kong Customer Development
Constantin Britcov Engineering Manager
Corey Barker Employee
Corey Lambert Manager
Cosmin Lita Customer Success
Courtney Hood Employee
Cris Perez Employee
Cristina Garcia Customer Development, London
Cristina Lasagni Sales Executive
Cristina Lee Event Coordinator
Curtis Lam System Engineer
Curtis Lowder Software Engineer Intern
Cyrus Roshan Systems Engineer
Dalton Cherry Solutions Engineer
Damian Dulanovic Employee
Damian Parker Employee
Damon Billian Community Evangelist http://www.crimeflare.org:82/damon.html
Dana Cohen People Team Business Partner
Dana Ng Business Development
Dan Brittingham Sales Operations
Dan Carter Employee
Dane Knecht Product Strategy https://twitter.com/dok2001
Dan Geraghty Employee
Dan Hollinger Solutions Engineer
Daniela Rodrigues EMEA, Lisbon
Daniel Cardoso Employee
Daniel Carrillo Account Executive
Daniel Dao Systems Engineer
Daniel Elder Technical Support Engineer
Daniele Molteni Firewall Product Manager
Daniel Freeman Marketing
Daniel Goldstein Go-to-market and Sales
Daniel Herzig Application Services Engineer
Daniel Jones Employee
Daniella Vallurupalli Communications daniella@cloudflare.com
Danielle Vanzura Employee
Daniel Morsing Systems Engineer
Daniel Polaske Employee
Daniel Stinson-Diess Security Engineer https://twitter.com/shellcromancer
Daniel Weidman Engineering Manager
Daniel Wesonga Customer Development
Dani Grant Product Manager
Dan Johns Employee
Dao Quang Minh Employee
Darren Remington Employee
Darryl Cody Vida Front Desk
Darth SriBear Employee
Darwin D. Wu Employee
Dastagiri Reddy Data Engineer
Dave Jewell Employee
Dave Koston Employee https://twitter.com/davekoston
Dave Steer Marketing https://twitter.com/davesteer
David Conrad Technical Staff
Davide D'Amico Systems Reliability Engineer
David Fenton Group, Australia
David Fritsch Web Engineer
David Harnett Teams
David Haynes Security Team
David Jewell Customer Development https://uk.linkedin.com/in/david-jewell-77701a59
David Kephart Employee
David Kitchen Systems Engineer david.kitchen@gmail.com
David Lallement Account Executive https://uk.linkedin.com/in/davidlallement
David Layson Customer Success
David Li Sales Operations and Strategy
David Ngo Trust & Safety Engineer
David Nguyen Systems Reliability Engineer
David Roth Employee
David Saunders Legal Counsel
David Schlesinger Systems Reliability Engineer
David Song Employee
David Tuber Product Manager
David Wragg Engineer https://twitter.com/dwragg
David Zakur Employee
David Zuazua Employee
Dawn Giusti Relations Analyst https://twitter.com/dawngiusti
Deanna Popolo Account Executive, New York City
Dean Riskas Customer Development
Deborah McRoth Employee
Declan Carlin Solutions Engineer
Deeksha Lamba Product Marketing
Dennis Liang Systems Engineer
Dennis Looney Employee
Dennis Vavasis Employee
Deon Roos Solutions Engineer
Derek Chamorro Infrastructure Security
Derek Gonyeo Systems Engineer Intern
Derek Yee Product Marketing https://twitter.com/derek_yee
Devin Davis Employee
Devin Miller IT Support Technician
Devin Shim Marketing Intern
Dharani Teja Employee
Diana Fu Employee
Diane Tran IT Support Engineer
Dianne Shimakura Employee
Dian Yu Legal Counsel http://opendatany.com/attorney.php?id=5442678
Diego Aragon Employee
Diego Raigoza Business Development
Dilshan Silva IT Support Technician
Dimitris Antonellis Engineering Manager
Dina Aluzri Events
Dina Kozlov Product Manager https://twitter.com/dinasaur_404
Diogo Tempero Globalization Operations
Dmitriy Gladchenko Director of Finance
Dmitry Nes Customer Success Manager
Dmitry Vorobev Software Engineer
Dom Batteate Enterprise Account Manager
Donald Endres Systems Reliability Engineer
Donald Lew Employee
Don Choo Relationship Manager
Doria Eve Employee
Doug Kramer Employee
Douglas Anwar Web Security
Douglas Kramer General Counsel "Douglas James Kramer"
Dragos Bogdan Product Marketing Manager
Drew Dowling Full Stack Engineer
Drew Herron Brand Designer
Dylan Etkin Engineering Manager
Dylan Saffer Business Development
Dylan Welter Creative Ops Manager
Ed Burns Technical Recruiter
Eden Wee Customer Support, Singapore
Edith Germer Business Development
Ed Oledan Customer Development
Edo Royker Employee
Edward Palmer IT Services Analyst
Edward Wang Employee
Ee Ping Employee
Ekaterina Alexandrovna Employee
Elijah Velasquez Business Development
Elina Todorov Global Sales Strategy
Elisa L. Durrette Legal-Commercial Transactions
Elizabeth Addison Commercial Counsel
Ellen Miao Employee
Ellie Cooper Austin
Ellie Jamison Recruiting Coordinator
Elspeth Shek Field Marketing (APAC)
Els Shek Field Marketing (APAC)
Elvin Tan Reliability Engineer, Singapore
Emilia Faz Payroll Manager
Emily Elliott Sales Operations
Emily Hancock Data Protection Officer
Emily Wimmer Legal
Emma Cardon Business Development
Eoin Brady Technical Support Engineer
Eona Sagala Accountant
Erfi Anugrah Solutions Engineer
Erica Fox Public Policy
Eric Anderson Employee
Eric Gau Business Development
Eric Liu Technical Program Manager
Eric Lugo Support Engineer
Erika Gonzalez Account Executive
Erin Slaughter Demand Generation Campaigns
Erin Walk Policy Analyst
Erwin van der Koogh Melbourne https://au.linkedin.com/in/evanderkoogh
Ethan Park Product Counsel
Etienne Labaume Support Engineer, London (Étienne)
Eva Hoyer Head of Supply Chain
Evan J Johnson Security Engineer "Evan J. Johnson"
Ewa Klepaczewska Employee
Fabienne Semeria Systems Engineer
Fai Varinthorn Singapore
Faiz Azhar Technical Support Engineer faiz@cloudflare.com
Fallon Blossom Technical Content Designer
Fay Lidan Dai Product Intern
Federico Fratucello Employee
Felicia Rosita Marketing Director
Felipe B. Flores Customer Success Manager
Felipe Tribaldos Customer Development https://twitter.com/ftribaldos
Filipp Nisenzoun Employee
Filippo Valsorda Employee https://twitter.com/filosottile
Flaviu Lang Account Executive
Florence Chan Legal Operations Manager
Flor Roxas Nuas Customer Development
Frances Liu Employee
Francisco Ponce de León Customer Success
Francisco Ponce de León Customer Success
Frankie Hui Employee
Frank Taylor Solutions Engineer
Frieda Strachan Team Coordinator
Fu Jia Relationship Manager
Furkan Yilmaz Web Engineer
Gabriela Alexandra Moldovan Employee
Gabriel da Silva Employee
Gabriele Gabbi Fisher Systems Engineer, Crypto Team
Gabriel Gabor Employee
Gagan Kumar Employee
Garret Brown Technical Support Engineer
Garrett Galow Product
Ga sil Employee
Gaurav Malik Employee
Gaurav Mallawat Solutions Engineer
Gaurav Pai South Asia Development
Gehrig Kunz Employee
Geison Porfirio Solutions Engineer
Geoffrey Plouviez Systems Engineer
George Henry Infrastructure Engineer
George Robinson Employee
Georges Lagardere Employee
George Sun Employee
George Tankersley Employee https://twitter.com/gtank__
George Thomas Systems Engineer
Georgie Yoxall Employee
Gergely Bod Systems Engineer
Gerhard Esterhuizen Engineering Manager
Gerry Dunn Sales Leader
Gideon Redelinghuys Systems Reliability Engineer
Gigi Chiu Employee
Giuliana DeAngelis Customer Success Manager
Glen Maddern Employee
Gloria Marcu Support Engineer
Grace Lin Special Projects
Grant Humphreys Business Development
Greg Cohn Customer Success Engineer
Greg Kracik Customer Success Engineer
Greg Lee Coleman Systems Engineer
Greg McKeon Distributed Storage
Gregory Allen Talent
Guanlan Dai Systems Engineer
Gui Alencar Solutions Engineer LATAM
Guido Jiménez Plumbing Automation, London
Guido Jiménez Plumbing Automation
Gurjinder Singh Employee
Gwyneth Jones Team Coordinator
Hady Mendez Employee
Halley Kish Customer Success Manager
Hana Darling Customer Development
Hannah Keefe Accounts Payable Specialist, Austin
Hannes Gerhart Solutions Engineer
Hansen Chang Employee
Harley Turan Employee
Harnish Kanani Chief Customer Officer
Harris Hancock Systems Engineer
Harry Hirschman Customer Strategy
Hasan Sanli Trust and Safety Engineer
Hassie Ergin Employee
Heather Orsi Strategic Finance Manager
Heather West Public Policy
Helen Tabunshchyk Systems Engineer
Hemel Patel Account Executive
Henry Andrews Systems Engineer
Henry de Valence Engineer
Henry Heinemann Business Development https://twitter.com/HenryHeinemann
Henry Marble Business Development
Higinio Ochoa Application Security Engineer
Hiren Panchasara Systems Engineer
Hiroki Isomura Regional Sales Manager, Japan
Hitendra Katariya Sales Operations
Howard Huang BDR
Huey Min Wong Office Specialist
Hugh Whan Employee
Hugo Venegas Employee
Humberto Moreira Solutions Engineer
Hunter Blanks Employee
Hyojeong Sue Lim Customer Development
Ian Applegate Systems Engineer
Ian Pye Analytics Engineer
Ian Spivey Engineering Manager ispivey@cloudflare.com
Ian Tolond Employee
Ignat Korchagin Systems Engineer https://twitter.com/ignatkn
Igor Postelnik Employee
Ilhem Benmeriem Customer Success
Ilya Andreev Intern
Ingvar Stepanyan JavaScript Performance Engineer, Ukraine
Irena Islam Customer Success Engineer
Irene Chang Head of Expansion
Isaac Specter Product Strategy, Austin
Ivan Babrou Systems Engineer mail@ivan.computer
Ivan Balepin Systems Engineer
Ivan Chin Customer Development, Singapore
Ivan Nikulin Employee
Jack Melnicoff Enterprise Field Sales
Jacob Evans Software Engineer, Austin
Jacob H. Haven Systems Engineer
Jacob Vincent Customer Development
Jacob Zollinger Security Compliance
Jacqueline Keith Security Strategy and Policy
Jacqueline Lim Team Coordinator, Singapore
Jade Q. Wang Developer Relations https://twitter.com/qiqing
Jaime Cochran Security Analyst
Jaime Sparr Visual Designer
Jake Anderson Head of Marketing
Jake Bauch Employee
Jake Farrell Customer Development
Jake Fried Employee
Jake Jones Employee
Jake Riesterer Software Engineer
Jake Serrano IT Operations Engineer
Jake Sinkey Support Engineer
Jake Volpe Employee
Jakub Sitnicki Employee jakub@cloudflare.com
James A. Allworth Head of Innovation jaa@mac.com
James Askham Solutions Engineer
James Ball Solutions Engineer
James Berry Customer Success Manager
James Culveyhouse Employee
James Espinosa Security Engineer
James Greene Web Engineer
James Jaconetti Employee
James Kyle Front End Engineer
James Munson Systems Reliability Engineer
James O'Gorman Systems Reliability Engineer
Jameson Sundell Support Engineer
James Purcell Account Executive
James Royal Software Engineer jhr.atx@gmail.com
James Toudy Enterprise Sales
James Wells Employee
James Wong Employee
Jamie Ede Technical Support
Jamie Herre Employee
Jamie Robinson Sales Operations
Jamie Tomasello Policy and Investigation
Janae Frischer Recruiting
Janette Camacho Employee
Janette Leyva Employee
Janet Van Huysse Head of people https://twitter.com/janetvh
Jansen Chiu Network Infrastructure
Jared Jones Security and Performance
Jasmina Vanvooren Business Development
Jason Farber Solutions Engineer
Jason Jenkins Business Development
Jason Kincaid Employee
Jason Paryani Systems Engineer
Jason Senechal Enterprise Account Executive
Jason Shapiro Litigation Counsel
Jason Tanner Solutions Engineer
Jason Yu Business Development
Javier Guerra Systems Engineer
Jay-o Hyon Customer Success
Jayapriya Surendran Web Services Engineer
Jay Henderson Account Executive
Jay Kreibich Software Engineer
Jayson Cena Systems Reliability Engineer
Jayson Noland Investor Relations
JC Smith Engineering Manager
JC Whitney Employee
Jean Ryu Solutions Engineer
Jeehoon Kim Systems Engineer
Jeff Collins Enterprise Sales
Jeff Nucum IT Engineer
Jeff Pollock Customer Success Engineer
Jeffrey Lin Software Engineer
Jeffrey Pollock Customer Success Engineer
Jeffrey Tang Distributed Systems Engineer
Jennifer Koo Employee
Jennifer Taylor Head of Product
Jen Norvelle Finance
Jenn Suzuki Team Coordinator
Jenny Dee Brecheisen Brand Designer
Jenny Gong Employee
Jensen Hussey Web Developer
Jensen Kuras Programmer jensen@cloudflare.com
Jeppe Toustrup Systems Reliability Engineer
Jeremy Bernick Intern
Jeremy L. Pugh Employee
Jeremy Meeks Support Engineer
Jeremy Teale Operations Engineer
Jeremy Udit Systems Reliability Engineer
Jeremy Wagner-Kaiser Systems Engineer
Jerome Chen Partner Engineer
Jerome Fleury Director of Network Engineering jf@cloudflare.com
Jessamine Bailey Data Center Operations
Jesse Kipp Systems Engineer
Jesse Li Employee
Jesse Sapakie Revenue Accountant
Jessica Cardenas Employee
Jessica Iyer Business Development
Jessica Rosenberg Marketing Design jessicarosenb@gmail.com
Jet Mariscal Employee
Jiale Zhi Systems Engineer
Jianyi Kenny Employee
Jill Lewandosky Employee
Jim Gonzales Employee
Jimmy Halim Network SRE
Jimmy Lim Network Engineer, Singapore
Jimmy Phung Employee
Jimmy Yuen Ho Wong Front End Engineer
Jim Schlies Programmer
Jim Watson Employee
Jin Kim Employee
Jiong Yang Solutions Engineer
Joaquin Madruga Engineering Director
Jocelyn Woolbright Policy Analyst
Jodie Holland Security and Performance
Joe Astroth Enterprise Sales
Joe Mocquant Software Engineer
Joery Van Druten Marketing
Joe Sullivan Chief Security Officer "Joseph Sullivan", "Joseph Edmund Sullivan"
Joey Aranez Customer Development, Austin
John Adams Senior UX Designer
John Arndt Customer Development
John Bauer Systems Engineer
John Charles Employee
John Esterline Technical Support Engineer
John Fawcett Systems Engineer +1-469-387-5077
5336 Krueger Ln. Austin, TX, 78723
John Graham-Cumming Chief Technology Officer https://twitter.com/jgrahamc
John Kaden General Manager, Public Sector
John Terzis Systems Engineer
Jonas Otten Employee
Jonathan Bruce Product
Jonathan Burling Customer Success Manager
Jonathan Ganz Application Security Engineer
Jonathan Gascoyne Customer Development
Jonathan Hoyland Employee
Jonathan Lebeau Customer Development
Jonathan McElroy Customer Success Engineer
Jonathan Rolfe Operations and Strategy
Jonathan Seow Infrastructure Engineer
Jonathan Spies Employee
Jonathan Stasiak Systems Reliability Engineer
Jon Godinez Business Development
Jon Harris Customer Development
Jon Levine Product Manager
Jon Murphy Business Development
Jono Bergquist Solutions Engineer
Jon Patrick Employee
Jon Rankin Solutions Engineer
Jon Rolfe San Francisco Employee https://twitter.com/jrolfoid
Jordan Pritchard Employee
Jorge Verges Employee
Jose Bethancourt Incoming Software Engineer
Jose Conado, Jr. Infrastructure Engineer
Joseph Himes Business Development
Joseph Prete Customer Development
Joseph Younis Solutions Engineer
Josh Dankbaar Systems Reliability Engineer
Joshua Johnson Software Engineering Intern, Austin
Joshua Kroll Systems Engineer
Joshua Liebow-Feeser Information Security Engineer
Joshua Watts Business Development
Jovi Zhangwei Systems Engineer
Joyce Ottignon Information Technology Team
João Paulo Employee
J Salvador Employee
Juan M. Rodriguez IT M as "Miguel"
Judy Ann Abbgy Stock Plan Manager
Judy Cheong Recruiting Programs
Judy Emma Travel Manager
Judy Hoctor Executive Assistant
Ju Hyung Song Business Development (APAC)
Julia Knight Legal Intern
Julia Mautino Customer Development
Julian Hunt EMEA Customer Development
Julia Zraick Employee
Julie A. Sparks Security Engineer
Julie Agnes Employee
Julie Huchet Product Designer jhuchet@tradecrafted.com
Juliena Tran Employee
Julien Desgats Systems Engineer
Julien Yohan Jean Employee
Julie Sparks Security Intern
Julio Pescador Sales Operations
Junade Ali Engineer https://twitter.com/icyapril
Junho Choi Protocol Team https://www.twitter.com/junhochoi
Previously co-founder of Neumob, CTO of CDNetworks, Web Data Bank
Jun Ho Employee
Junyi Lim Customer Development
Justen Lin Regional Sales
Justina Wong Technical Support Engineer, Lisbon
Justin Fong Marketing Manager
Justin Katz Enterprise Accounts
Justin Nader Employee
Justin Paine Director of Trust & Safety https://twitter.com/xxdesmus
Justin Raczak Product Manager https://twitter.com/JustinRaczak
Justin Simpson Growth Strategy Analyst
Justin Wilson EMEA Business Development, London
Justin Wong Technical Support Engineer
Justin Zhou Product Manager Intern
Justin Zuniga Recruiting
Ka-Hing Cheung Systems Engineer
Kabir Sikand Solutions Engineer
Kalpana Ravinarayanan Employee
Kalyan Sai Employee
Kamilla Amirova Solutions Engineer
Kanika Rastogi Employee
Kari Linder Designer https://twitter.com/kkblinder
Karim Dik Employee
Karl Ehr Head of Technical Operations
Karl Henrik Smith Business Development
Kartika Mulyo Regional Sales Lead
Kas Perch Developer https://twitter.com/nodebotanist
Kassian Kas Perch Developer, Austin
Kate Delaney Operations Engineer
Kate Fleming Customer Success, Singapore
Kate Lockhart Project Manager Security
Kate Pang Customer Success Engineer
Kathy Ly Employee
Katie Cummins Employee
Katie McAlinney Architecture
Katrina Riehl Senior Manager - Data Science
Kat Valentine Compliance Manager
Katy Brogan Customer Success
Kayla Prettitore Global Physical Security
Keefe Tang Employee
Keenan Koizumi Business Development
Keeran Marquis Engineer
Kelby Balson Customer Development
Kelleen O'Toole People Ops Coordinator
Kelley Welsh Recruiting
Kelly Cunnane Field Marketing and Events
Kelsey McCann Customer Development
Kelvin Akehurst Technical Infrastructure Supply
Kendra Albert Legal Intern
Kenneth Abe Account Executive
Kenneth Ang Igaming Sales Director
Kenneth R. Carter In-House Counsel
Kenny Chan Web Engineer
Kenny Hanover Customer Development
Kenny Johnson Product Manager
Kenny Luong Employee
Kenton Varda Tech Lead for Cloudflare Workers kenton@cloudflare.com
Kent Shultz Systems Reliability Engineer
Kevin Chen Business Development
Kevin Dompig Technical Program Manager
Kevin Frazier Employee
Kevin Gallagher Systems Reliability Engineer
Kevin Kipp Systems Engineer
Kevin Klapak Technical Support Engineer
Kevin Stinger Security Channel Manager
Kevin Wang Product Manager
Kevin Xu Employee
Khaled AlSaleh Employee
Khanh Dao Tax Manager
Kia Liang Employee
Kim Jen Infrastructure Sourcing
Kim Jin-Woong Head of Sales
Kim Seungjin Sales Operations
Kiran Naidoo Employee
Kirk A. Schwenkler Solutions Engineer
Kirk Washington Technical Support Engineer
Kit Sari Employee
Kornel Lesinski Performance Engineer
Kostas Topaloudis Data Center Deployment Engineer
Ko Stoffelen Employee
Krishna Zulkarnain Employee
Kris Krzysztof Kwiatkowski Employee
Kristar Ham Sales Manager
Kristian Freeman Developer https://twitter.com/imkmf
Kristina Miguel Backend Systems Engineer
Kristina Scott Global Marketing
Kristin Hart Executive Assistant
Kristin Tarr Communications Specialist
Kristján Oddsson Front-end Engineer, London
Kristján Oddsson Front-end Engineer
Kruthi Narayana Technical Expert
Kyle Boutette Systems Engineer
Kyle Breuleux Employee
Kyle Huang Operations and Strategy
Kyle Hui Business Development
Kyle Isom Systems Engineer
Kyle Kloepper Systems Engineer
Kyle Krum Employee
Lakshman Manoharan Employee
Lana Gulden Accounts Receivable
Lane Billings Product Marketing, Austin
Larry Sandoval Employee
Lauren Buchman Marketer
Laurie Zapinski Employee
Lavanya Ganesan Support Engineer, India
Leah Moskovic Account Executive
Le Carlson Employee
Lee Diddy London
Lee Hiro Business Development APAC
Lee Sam Recruiting
Leigh Ann Benicewicz Comms https://www.linkedin.com/pub/leigh-benicewicz/14/a6/9b
Leland Garofalo Employee
Lesley Lurie Employee
Lex Broekmeulen Employee
Liam Crowter Technical Support Engineer
Liam Reese Business Development
Liang Peng Employee
Lilah Brander Employee
Lily Andalon Accountant
Lindsay Goldner Brand Designer
Lindsay Kotterman Customer Development
Lindsey Cochran Corporate Counsel
Lindsey Dempsey Employee
Ling Wu Governance Risk and Compliance
Lisa Morgan Cohen Enterprise Account Executive
Lisa Retief Engineering Manager
Lis Harris Employee
Li Yichan Business Development, Singapore
Lohith Bellad Protocol Engineer
London Zhang Design
Lorene Pastore Account Executive
Loren Rackow-Mendizabal Employee
Lorenz Bauer Employee
Louis Grace Business Development
Louis Poinsignon Network Engineer https://twitter.com/lpoinsig
Lucas Pardue HTTP/2 and QUIC https://twitter.com/simmervigor
Luisa Gobbo Marketing and Events
Luis Vasallo Business Development
Lukasz Mierzwa Systems Reliability Engineer, London
Luke Overend Support Engineer
Luke Valenta Cryptography Engineer
Lyn Hines Technical Support Engineer
Maciej Bilas Software Engineer, Poland
Maddie Roster Business Development
Madeleine Stinson Employee
Madeline Gregory Information Security
Madison McCrea Recruiting
Maggie Yue Employee
Mahrud Sayrafi Cryptography Engineer
Maik Pietsch Customer Development
Maitane Zotes Security Engineer
Makoto Nishihara Solutions Engineer. Singapore
Malavika Balachandran Tadeusz Product Manager https://twitter.com/malavikabala
Malcolm Bouza Accountant
Malgorzata Pack Kacprzak Support Operations Engineer
Malgorzata Pikies Employee
Man Ching Employee
Mandy Chi Customer Success
Manish Jindal Customer Development
Manuel Briseno Employee
Manu Sharma Account Manager
Marc Bodmer Front End Engineer
Marcelo Moreira Site Reliability Engineer
Marcie McBride Customer Development
Marc Lamik Director of Product
Marco Antonio Dias Employee
Marcus Schaefer Strategic Account Executive
Marc W. Rogers Principal Security Researcher
Marek Kroemeke Employee
Marek Majkowski Systems Engineer marek@cloudflare.com
Marek Vavrusa Systems Engineer
Margo Brown Q1 Marketing Partner
Marianna Ilagan Internal Events Coordinator
Maria Sofia Employee
Mariella Luger Marketing Manager EMEA
Marina Harper HR Administrator
Marina Jeon Demand Generation Specialist
Mark Garfield VP of Finance
Mark Pashmfouroush System Engineer mark@markpash.me
Mark Steyn Front End Engineer
Marshall Alexander Platform Operations
Marshall Crockett Employee
Marshall Montana Employee
Marshall Portwood Enterprise Account Executive
Martijn Gonlag Support Engineer
Martin J. Levy Network Strategy martin.levy@gmail.com
PGP: 7EA139C40C1C842F9D41AAF94A34925D05172859
Martin Marks Systems Engineer
Marty Strong Technical Support Engineer
Marwan Fayed Research Lead marwan.fayed@st-andrews.ac.uk
Mary Mac Williams Event Coordinator
Masa Aoba Head of Cloudflare office in Japan
Mat Henley Director of Security
Matt Alberts Employee
Matt Allie Solutions Engineer
Matt Alonso Developer Experience Team Intern
Matt Bostock Systems Reliability Engineer
Matt Cowley @cdnjs.com Maintainer (on contract), London
Matteo Manfredi Community Leader
Matt Golden Employee
Matthew Bullock Solutions Engineer
Matthew Cottingham Systems Engineer
Matthew DiDomenico Customer Development
Matthew DuBois Sales Leader
Matthew Gall Trust & Safety Engineer https://twitter.com/matthewgall
Matthew Harrell Global Head of Channel Sales and Alliances
Matthew King Employee
Matthew P. Harrell Channel Sales and Partners
Matthew Shimizu Customer Success
Matthew Silverlock Solutions Engineer
Matthew Twyman Information Infrastructure
Matthew Wheeler Customer Development
Matthew Williams Marketing https://twitter.com/aMattWilliams
Matthieu Tourne Systems Engineer
Matt Holscher Sales
Matt James Boyle Engineer
Matt Lewis Employee
Matt Wheeler Employee
Matvey Arye Employee
Maurizio Monti Partnerships
Mauro Nogueira Solutions Engineer
Maxime Guerreiro DoS Mitigations https://uk.linkedin.com/in/maximeguerreiro
Maxim Matskul Employee
Max Nystrom Product Manager https://twitter.com/maxnystrom
Maxwell Mitchell Statistician
Megan Alderete Customer Development
Megan Davis Event Marketing
Meghan Weinreich Demand Generation https://twitter.com/MegWeinreich
Meg He Employee
Melissa Henderson IT Support Technician
Mia Hardy-Thompson Business Development
Mia Wang Special Projects
Micah Smurthwaite Customer Development https://twitter.com/Smurda
Michael A. Daly Engineering Manager https://twitter.com/MichaelsCloud
Michael Aylward Customer Development
Michael Buasan Sales Operations
Michael Cummins Customer Development
Michael Geng Employee
Michael Giron Business Development
Michael Girouard Web Engineer
Michael King Employee
Michael Lee Support Engineer
Michael Manov Technical Support Engineer
Michael McGrory Solutions Engineer
Michael Mirzai Customer Development
Michael Moreno Marketing Manager
Michael Nielsen Information Security Analyst
Michael Pinter Front End Engineer
Michael Polovko SRE Manager
Michael R. Nelson Public Policy
Michael Tremante Solutions Engineer
Michael Truong Systems Reliability Engineer
Michael Vanderwater Systems Engineer
Michael Veramo Enablement, Learning and Development
Michael Vigil Accountant
Michel Bamps Employee
Michelle Brown Accountant
Michelle de Venoge Employee
Michelle Hagan Employee
Michelle Mattern Employee
Michelle Tang Marketing Operations
Mickie Betz Systems Engineer https://twitter.com/AllBetzAreOff
Miguel de Moura Systems Engineer
Miguel Mones Customer Success
Mihaela Risca Product Marketing Manager
Mihir Jham Systems Engineer
Mika Akutsu Program Manager
Mike Borkenstein Employee
Mike Genstil Strategic Partnerships
Mike Haddan Support Tickets
Mike Michon Head of Data Engineering
Mike Pool Global Alliance Manager
Millie Chan Front End Engineer
Minh Bui Pricing Strategist
Mircea-Valeriu Ulinic Network Engineer, London ping@mirceaulinic.net
GPG: A17C1D1C37DAFF75E41041383EFF87F6091B4B29
Misha Girshfeld Customer Success Engineer
Misha Yalavarthy Security Engineer
Mitul Limbachiya Employee
Mohamed ElShal Employee
Mohamed Ibrahim Support Engineer, Singapore
Mohamed Zerri Channel Account Manager
Mohd Irtefa Product, Austin
Mohit Bijlani Customer Development
Molly Evans Employee
Mona Hadidi Customer Success Manager
Monicah Kwamboka Web Engineer
Morgan Miles Customer Development
Moritz Wegner Employee
Moses Ellis Business Development
Mouloud Hani Employee
Murtaza Sajjad Legal Intern
Mustafa Khalifa Business Development, Singapore
Nadin El-Yabroudi Security Engineer
Naga Pavan Employee
Naimisha Yadav Employee
Nancy Gao Employee
Nandini Jayarajan Employee
Natalie Valdes Team Coordinator
Nate Asp Customer Development
Nauzer Gotla Vice President, Internal Audit
Naveen Singh Solutions Engineer
Naya Posotidou IT Operations Engineer
Neerav Kumar Site Reliability Engineer, Singapore
Neha Sood Sales Operations EMEA
Neil Levio Customer Success
Nela Collins Customer Success https://uk.linkedin.com/in/nelacollins
Nelson A. Blengeri Employee
Nelson Chen Customer Development
Nena Nguyen Product Designer
Nerio Musa Support Manager - APAC
Ngassa Youmby Account Executive
Nicholas Allen Employee
Nicholas Comer Systems Engineer
Nicholas Platais Business Development
Nick Downie Employee
Nick Gongorek Channel Sales Leader
Nick Jones Protocols Team
Nick Legger Employee
Nick McGourty Account Executive
Nick Simmons Business Development
Nick Sullivan Employee https://twitter.com/grittygrease
Nick Toulson Account Executive
Nick Wondra Systems Engineer
Nicky Semenza Software Engineer
Nicole Ellis Office Coordinator
Nidhi Mishra Solutions Engineer APAC
Niels Hoven Product Manager niels@nielshoven.com
Nikita Zolotarev Business Development
Nikole Phillips Data Analyst
Nikon Rasumov Employee
Nimisha Saxena Security Program Manager
Nina Serr Employee
Nina Wang Head of Tax
Nitin Bantwal Rao Head of Global Infrastructure
Nitin Bantwal Rao Special Projects nitin.rao@sloan.mit.edu
Noah Garrett Wallach Network Engineer
Noah Neuman Enterprise Account Executive
Norm Slaught Customer Development
Olafur Gudmundsson Systems Engineer
Olafur Guodmundsson Systems Engineer https://twitter.com/OGudm
Olga Skobeleva Solutions Engineer
Oliver Reimers Managing Counsel
Oliver Yu Employee
Olivia Hsieh Software Engineer
Olivier Foucher Network Engineer
Omeed Rahgozar Solutions Engineer
Omer Yoachimik Austin
Ooma Guerwan Customer Development - MENA, London
Oriol Sabate Employee
Oscar Kurniawan Employee
Oscar Pinzon Employee
Oscar Saldivar LATAM Business Development
Osifo Anosike Software Engineer
Otto Imken Head of Support
Owen Zhai Customer Development
Oxana Kharitonova Systems Engineer
Pablo Camino Solutions Engineer
Pablo E. Viera Business Development
Paddy Sheehan Employee
Parker Schramm Account Executive
Pascal Henskes Employee
Pasha Kravtsov Support Engineer
Patrick Day Employee
Patrick Lu Web Engineer
Patrick Meenan Employee https://twitter.com/patmeenan
Patrick R. Donahue Director of Product Management https://twitter.com/prdonahue
Patrick R. Donahue Product Manager
Patrik Fuhrmann Software Engineer
Patryk Szczyglowski Systems Engineer Szczygłowski
Paul Bauer Platform Engineer
Paul Cesar Marketing
Paul Southwell Enterprise Sales
Paul Taulborg Employee
Paul Underwood Employee
Pavel Odintsov DNS Engineer https://twitter.com/odintsov_pavel
Pei Ching Lee Employee
Peng Zhang Systems Engineer
Pete Clayton People Team
Peter Belesis Employee
Peter Carlsten Interconnection Strategy
Peter Dumanian Business Development
Peter H. Taylor Global Infrastructure
Peter Jensen Employee
Peter Reidy Enterprise Sales
Peter Thomas Design Lead
Peter Weaver Customer Support
Peter Wu Crypto Team
Peter Yoakum Employee
Pete Thomas Employee
Pete Zimmerman Employee
Petra Arts EU public affairs https://twitter.com/petra_arts
Petre Gabriel Employee
Philip Bjorkman Business Development
Philip Johnson Employee
Phi Nguyen Account Executive
Pierce Buxton Customer Development
Pierce Few Employee
Piers Cornwell Employee
Piotr Lipski Web Engineer
Piotr Sikora Systems Engineer
Popie Bastaki People Team (EMEA)
Pradeep BalleChandrasekharan Newtork SRE
Pradeep Chhetri Systems Reliability Engineer pchhetri@cloudflare.com
Pramod Suvarna Channel Sales Manager
Pranab Sharma Head of Pricing
Prasad Pai Technical Support Engineer, Singapore
Prem Raj Natarajan Customer Success Manager
Preston Pham Employee preston.a.pham@gmail.com
Preston Tilghman Event Marketing
Priscilla Li Technical Product Manager
Priscilla Rossouw Revenue Operations
Priyanka Satish Big Data Engineer
Prudhvi Ratna Badri Satya Data Scientist, Austin
Prudhvi Ratna Employee
Pudcharapon Laokokham (Peter) Solutions Engineer
Putri Emas Employee
Quinn Cassidy Business Development
Rachel Chen Employee
Rachel Dowson People Team Partner
Rachele Gyorffy Customer Success Engineer
Rachel Gonzalez Executive Assistant
Radina Mihaleva Partnerships and Business Development
Rafael Carabano Customer Success
Rafael Rafi Cohn-Gruenwald Security Intern
Rahul Arun Singh Product Marketing, Security
Rahul Deshmukh Product Marketing
Rahul Mahajan Product Manager Partnerships
Rajdeep Kaur Software Developer, London
Rajeev Sharma Systems Engineer
Rajesh Bhatia Engineering, Internal Tools https://www.zoominfo.com/p/Rajesh-Bhatia/2442227568
Raju Boyapati Cloud Operations Engineer
Rami Aljamal Director of HW Infrastructure
Ramiro Castillo Web Security
Ramkumar Annasami Customer Development
Ram Nadella Web Developer
Ramon Garcia Account Executive
Randy Tibbetts Enterprise Accounts
Ravi Hemnani Employee
Ravi Kiran Employee
Ravi Reddi Demand Generation Manager
Ray Bejjani Systems Engineer
Ray Leihe Marketing Technology & Platform
Ray Li Business Development, Singapore
Raymond Maisano Head of Australia & New Zealand
Rebecca Clayman Brand Marketing https://twitter.com/RebeccaClayman
Rebecca Dunek Graeber Customer Success Engineer
Rebecca Roche Account Executive
Rebecca Rogers Security Compliance Lead
Renan Dincer Systems Engineer renandincer@gmail.com
Renato Hirata Employee
Renato Yoshio Hirata Employee
Renee Farrell Infosec Compliance Manager
Renee Main Account Executive
Renee Taormina People Systems
Ricardo Catalinas Jiménez Systems Engineer, London
Ricardo Catalinas Jiménez Systems Engineer
Ricardo Pacheco Employee
Ricardo Reinah Support Engineer
Richard Armstrong Americas Solutions
Richard Boulton Engineering Manager https://twitter.com/rboulton
Richard Macias Software Engineer
Richard Sommerville Employee
Richard Thompson Network Engineer
Rick Magarro IT Operations Engineer, Singapore
Rick Wootten Marketing and Advertising https://twitter.com/wootten
Ricky Lee Regional Sales
Rika Niekzad Customer Development
Rina Yates Employee
Rio Pesino Senior Account Executive
Rishabh Bector Big Data Engineer
Rita Giran Business Development
Rita Kozlov Employee https://twitter.com/ritakozlov_
Robbie Honerkamp SRE Team, Singapore
Rob Dinh SRE
Robert Dinh Special Projects
Robert Kim Performance Marketing Manager
Robert McNeil Systems Engineer
Robert Wang Product Engineer
Rob Freeman Employee
Rob Headley Enterprise Account Executive
Rodrigo de Souza Employee
Roger Tam Employee
Rohan Oswal Big Data Engineer
Rohit Agarwal Systems Engineer
Rommy Tosana Support Engineer, Singapore
Rory Malone London Employee
Roshni Hundel Recruiting Coordinator
Rosie Parket Paralegal
Ross Guarino Systems Engineer https://twitter.com/0xRLG
Roy Chan Channel Manager
Roy Lo Customer Development
Rui Silva Technical Support Engineer
Rupesh Ganeshe Solutions Engineer
Rushil Shah Product Security Engineer
Rustam Iuldashev SRE
Rustam X. Lalkaka Director of Product https://twitter.com/lalkaka
Ruth Mthethwa Employee
Ruth Wall Engineering Manager
Ryan Boye Visual Designer
Ryan Carter Systems Reliability Engineer vaelen@pixelfed.social
Ryan Chow Hardware
Ryan Djurovich Systems Engineer https://twitter.com/ryan0x44
Ryan Hodson Employee
Ryan Jacobs Employee
Ryan Kibler Web Engineer
Ryan Kiernan Customer Success Engineer
Ryan Knight Community https://twitter.com/Yank
Ryan Lackey Product Engineer
Ryan Morse Account Executive
Ryan Timken Employee
Ryan Timkin Systems Reliability Engineer
Ryan Tyrrell Security and Performance
Saad Hameed Growth and Marketing
Sabrina Simpson Security and Performance
Sachin Fernandes Systems Engineer
Sadaf Rajabi Suppy Chain Operations
Sagar Shah IT Billing Applications
Samantha Lee Regional Sales Lead
Samantha Mammen Employee
Sam Aued Employee
Sam Howson Support Engineer
Sami Kerola Systems Reliability Engineer kerolasa@cloudflare.com
Sam Marsh Product Manager, London
Sam Mason de Caires UX Engineer sam.jbmason@gmail.com
Sam Murray Employee
Sam Rhea Employee https://twitter.com/LakeAustinBlvd
Samuel Coates Attorney
Samuel Noble Customer Development
Samuel Sathyajith India and SAARC Region
Sam Whited Systems Engineer
Sana Jafar Employee
Sandra Sansano IT Billing Project Manager
Sangio Lee Employee
Sarah Carter Employee
Sarah Lewis Cortes Privacy Compliance
Sarah Meyer Customer Development, London
Saran Chandran Regional Head
Scott Flesch SLED Sales
Scott Jones LMS Administrator / eLearning Developer
Scott Olivares Conversion Rate Optimization Lead
Scott Pearson Technical Support Engineer
Scott Tomtania Head of Recruitment https://twitter.com/TALENTWIZ
Sean Thompson Account Executive
Sebastian Benz Employee
Sebastian McKenzie JavaScript Engineer
Serena Satyasai Marketing Lead
Sergey Nuzhdin Data Engineer
Sergi Isasi Product Manager sergi@cloudflare.com
Sergio Maeso Security Solutions Engineer
Seungmin Back Business Development
Sevki Hasirci Software Engineer
Shaffi Chogley Customer Success Engineer
Shahil Khan Sales Operations
Shammah Chancellor Systems Software Engineer
Shanea Leven Product Manager
Shane Baxter Employee
Shane Ossa Technical Training Program Manager https://shaneossablog.wordpress.com/
Shannon C. Colin Business Development
Shannon Colin Employee https://twitter.com/ShannonColin1
Shannon Leong Legal Counsel
Sharan Birak Analyst Relations Manager
Shawn Nelson Infrastructure Supply Chain
Shawn Robinson Employee
Shay Padhye Customer Development
Shaz Carmali Solutions Engineer, London
Shen Zhang Salesforce Developer
Sheridan Guest Account Executive
Sherry Apostol Executive Assistant
Shih-Chiang Chien System Engineer
Shiloh Heurich Systems Engineer
Shivalika Keni Business Development
Shona Alfert Business Development
Shrenik Jayendra Employee
Shri Deshpande Employee
Shuxin Yang Systems Engineer
Siddharth Naik Employee
Sieh Johnson Full Stack Software
Sierra Dasso Account Executive
Sierra Molina Recruiting Operations Manager
Simon Moore Support Engineer
Simon Steiner Product Partnerships Lead
Simon Wijckmans Solutions Engineer
Sindu Vijayakumar Systems Engineer
Sirisha Gorantala Data and Analytics
Slava Mudry Database Engineer
Snigdha Kulshreshtha Customer Success
Sofia Celi Crypto Team
Sofia Farid Technical Program Manager
Sofia Gkazempa Employee
Sohei Okamoto Distributed Systems Engineer
Song Zihao Employee
Sophie Breider Employee
Sophie Qiu Customer Success Manager, Singapore
Sophie Yao Employee
Soraya Apollonia Jansen London
Spencer Schwandt Account Executive
Sreeni Tellakula Employee
Srikanth N. Rao Systems Reliability Engineer
Sri Pangulur Customer Development
Stacey Cho Global Operations
Staci Lowe Employee
Stanley Chan Security Engineer
Stanley Tan Solutions Engineer
Stefan Henke Employee
Stefan Silasi Systems Reliability Engineer
Stefan Winer Customer Development
Stephane Nouvellon Solutions Engineer
Stephanie Shattuck Paralegal
Stephan Lachowsky Employee
Stephen K. Lo Customer Success
Stephen Krings Security Engineer
Stephen Pinkerton Product Manager, Austin
Steve Klabnik Storage Product Manager https://twitter.com/steveklabnik
Steve Krause Legal Counsel
Steven Kettlewell Employee
Steven Pack Product Manager
Steven Pham Account Executive
Steven Pirnik Employee
Steve Pascucci Sales Manager
Stewart Peugh People Systems & Analytics
Stuart Nesbitt Employee
Subhashni Balakrishnan Systems Engineer
Sudheesh Singanamalla Employee
Sue H.J. Lim Customer Development, Singapore
Suleman Ahmad Intern
Suman Rayala Regional Sales Manager
Suman Talukdar Sales Manager, India https://twitter.com/stswww
Sumit Bahl Product Marketing Manager
Sung Park Employee
Sunil Rathode Big Data Engineer
Sunny Au Employee
Suphanat Chunhapanya Crypto Team
Susan Chiang Employee
Susan Hobbs Chief of Staff https://twitter.com/slh
Susan Lin Lead Product Designer
Susan Tran Accountant
Suyash Sharma Customer Development
Suzanne Aldrich Solutions Engineer Team Lead suzanne@sjaconsulting.com
Suzy Bates Director of Projects, Austin
Sven Sauleau Developer https://twitter.com/svensauleau
Swirvithan L. Gooding-Splatt Intern
Sydney Staff Employee
Syeef Karim Product Designer syeef@cloudflare.com
Sylvia Kim Human Resources Administrator
Sylvia Kuyel Customer Success Engineer
Sylvie Cosgrove Head of Information Technology
Sze Chuen Tan Systems Reliability Engineer https://twitter.com/sctan
Sébastien Pahl Systems Reliability Engineer
Sébastien Pahl Systems Reliability Engineer
Taj Bhat Employee
Talea Seyed Customer Success
Talha Paracha Intern
Taly Slachevsky Support Engineer
Tanvi Agrawal Business Development
Tanya Paige Recruiting
Tanya Verma Employee
Tara Vancil Systems Engineer, Austin
Tatiana Bradley Cryptography Intern
Taylor Galusha Legal Intern
Taylor Lemmon Account Executive
Taylor Murray Employee
Ted Patsos Business Development
Teffen Ellis Employee
Teresa Huang Sales
Terin Stock Web Developer terin@cloudflare.com
Terry Rodery Network Engineer
Thanh Bui Customer Development
Thayer Prime Recruitment Lead
Thibault Meunier Systems Engineer
Thomas Beckers Employee
Thomas Donnelly Network Engineer
Thomas Dubrawski Business Development
Thomas J. Seifert Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Lefebvre Employee
Thomas Litten Account Executive
Thomas Mann Customer Success, London
Thomas Seifert Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Vissers Employee
Thom Chiovoloni Systems engineer chiovolonit@gmail.com
Thom Henneberger Employee
Tiffany Moeller Software Engineer
Tiffany Odeka Events
Tiffany Tai Sales Operations and Strategy
Tilda Takacs Employee
Tilly Lang Privacy Counsel
Tim Cloonan Employee
Tim Hoffman Network Engineer
Tim Obezuk Solutions Engineer https://github.com/obezuk
Timothy Fong Product Manager
Timothy Orchard Account Executive
Timothy Polich Systems Engineer
Tim Ruffles Systems Engineer
Tingting Teresa Huang Strategy and Development
Tobias Rohrle Solutions Engineer
Todd Coachman Business Development
Tom Arnfeld Systems Engineer https://twitter.com/tarnfeld
Tomas Susanka Intern
Tom Brightbill Customer Success
Tom Lam Employee
Tom Lianza Engineering Manager https://twitter.com/tlianza
Tom Mann Employee
Tommy Larsen Customer Development
Tom Paseka Network Engineer
Tom Strickx Network Software Engineer
Tom Walwyn Employee
Tom Wesley Employee
Tony Ortegon IT Operations Engineer
Tony Stuck Web Developer toekneestuck.com@gmail.com
Tracye Shaw Employee
Travis Carr Platform Engineer
Travis Perkins Customer Success Engineer
Travis Raines Technical Support Engineer
Trent Wooton Business Development
Trey Guinn Solutions Engineer
Tristan Colgate-McFarlane Systems Reliability Engineer
Tuyen Dinh Employee
Tyler Caslin Employee
Tyler Grady Enterprise Sales
Tyler Matzen Recruiting Coordinator
Uday Sharma Lead Data Engineer
Ugo Piasentin Employee
Uli Guerra Data Analyst
Ulrik Aurelius Alaric Employee
Usman Muzaffar VP of Engineering
Uzma Ali Business Development
Vaishnavi Iyengar Employee
Valentine Décamps Customer Success Manager
Valentine Décamps Customer Success Manager
Valerie Sung Employee
Val Vesa Community Manager https://instagram.com/adspedia
Vanessa Royle Public Relations https://twitter.com/vcroyle
Varun Mehta Employee
Vasco Asturiano Front End Engineer vastur@gmail.com
Vasti Porter Front Desk
Venkat Chaithanya Employee
Venkat Viswanathan Employee
Vera Tsai Taiwan Sales Manager
Vicky Shrestha Systems Engineer
Victoria Bernard Customer Support, Austin https://twitter.com/exvuma
Victoria Simons Growth Marketing Manager
Vidya Ramakrishnan Human Resources
Vignesh Kumar Employee
Vignesh Ravichandran Dabase Reliability Engineer
Vijay Chauhan Product Marketing
Vikas Chopra Account Executive
Vikash Mishra Country Manager, India
Vincent Liu Engineering Marketing
Vinent Mugabo Employee
Vinita Pitoomal Business Development
Visith Bou Customer Development
Vivek Ganti Product Marketing
Vivian Hua Security
Vladimir Paladi Employee
Vlad Krasnov Systems Engineer brendan@cloudflare.com
Vojtech Miksu Front End Engineer
Vu Long Tran Customer Success, Singapore
Wanda Chiu Software Engineer
Wanda Lee Employee
Warren Nelson Systems Engineer
Warren Rickards Customer Success
Warren Robins EMEA Customer Development
Watson B. Ladd Crypto Team watson@cloudflare.com
Welly Tandiono Solutions Engineer
Wendy Chu Export Director
Wenz Xing Special Projects Intern
Wesley Shi Systems Engineer
Wesley Soeters Account Executive https://twitter.com/WesleySoeters
Will Buckner Systems Engineer
Will Clithero Customer Development
Will Greenberg Account Executive
William da Cunha Head of Sales (Americas)
William Fisher Systems Engineer
William Robledo Datacenter Deployments
Wilson Jackson Employee
Windy Faith Employee
Windy Lim Employee
Windy MacDowell Executive Assistant
Winnie Ip Marketing Operations Specialist
Xavier Xuhui Cai Sales Head (China)
Xiaojin Liu Solution Engineer
Xiaolin Gong Special Projects
Xingang Wang Systems Engineer
Xin Meng Solutions Engineer, Singapore
Xu Haitao Account Executive
Zaidoon Abd Al Hadi Employee
Xuzhe Quincy Zhuang Technical Support Engineer
Yaely Knebel Customer Success Engineer
Yana Chen Customer Success
Yan Zhai Systems Engineer
Yeo Kezhong Enterprise Account Manager
Yevgen Safronov Web Engineer
Yew Yong Employee
Yien Wu Relationship Manager
Yin Yue Employee
Young Park Employee
Yuchen Wu Systems Engineer yuchenw@cs.cmu.edu
5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, USA, 15213
Yuet Wai Employee
Yunfei Luo Adam Channel Account Manager
Yun Ting Tan Business Development
Yuri Takano Business Development, Singapore
Zac Arellano Software Engineer
Zachary Roy Employee
Zach Turminini Business Development
Zack Bloom Employee https://twitter.com/zackbloom
Zack Proser Web Engineer
Zaid Farooqui Product Manager
Zak Cutner Employee
Zanoni Harris IT Operations
Zeeshan Parkar Network Engineer
Zein Jaber Technical Support Engineer
Zhengyao Lin Software Engineer Intern
Zi Lin Systems Engineer
Zoe Hu Solutions Engineer
Zygimantas Skulteckis Systems Reliability Engineer
Łukasz Mierzwa Systems Reliability Engineer


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