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Nominatim Docker

  1. Build
docker build -t nominatim .
  1. Copy <your_country>.osm.pbf to a local directory (i.e. /home/docker-volumes/nominatimdata)

  2. Initialize Nominatim Database

docker run -t -v /home/docker-volumes/nominatimdata:/data nominatim  sh /app/ /data/merged.osm.pbf postgresdata 4

Where 4 is the number of threads to use during import, set this according to the host.
You can delete the /home/docker-volumes/nominatimdata/merged.osm.pbf once the import is finished.

  1. After the import is finished the /home/docker-volumes/nominatimdata/postgresdata folder will contain the full postgress binaries of a postgis/nominatim database.
    Start the nominatim as a single node is the following:
    docker run --restart=always -p 7070:8080 -d -v /home/docker-volumes/nominatimdata/postgresdata:/var/lib/postgresql/9.5/main nominatim sh /app/

At this stage all database files are stored on the host and the containers are considered disposable.