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How to help translate deCloudflare

  • "(en|eo)(|.ethics|.action).md" are base files.
  • If you edit base files, do edit translateData/TEMPLATE.*.(tab|txt).

zz.md's translation is horrible. How can I fix this?

You can edit zz.md directly, but it may be overwritten.

  1. Fork deCloudflare.

  2. Copy /readme/translateData/TEMPLATE.main.tab to /readme/translateData/override/zz.main.tab.

  • cp /readme/translateData/TEMPLATE.main.tab /readme/translateData/override/zz.main.tab
  • cp /readme/translateData/TEMPLATE.ethics.tab /readme/translateData/override/zz.ethics.tab
  • cp /readme/translateData/TEMPLATE.action.tab /readme/translateData/override/zz.action.tab
  1. Remove all lines but keep what you want to fix. (you can translate all lines if you wish)
  • e.g mainx0n00013 Take a look at the right image.
  • format string_key TAB string_value
    • string_value: Please don't include any HTML tags, links, or markdown syntax.
  1. Translate the right-side of the string(string_value).
  • Do not edit left-side of the string(string_key), it will be ignored.
  1. Make a pull request.

  2. We'll regenerate MD file using your override file later.

Why should I help you?

If you help us, more people around the world who speaks your language can learn about the problems of CloudFlare.

Sure. Tell us about it when creating a pull request.

  • e.g zz by Your_Name, Other_EditName
  • e.g zz by [Your_Name](https://myblog.example/)