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## Change default DNS provider of Firefox
3 years ago
Mozilla has partnered up with Cloudflare and will resolve the domain names from the application itself via a DNS server from Cloudflare.
3 years ago
Cloudflare will then be able to read everyone’s DNS requests.
> You can disable it in “about:config"
- The string value of "`network.trr.uri`" should be empty.
- The string value of "`network.trr.resolvers`" should be set to `[]`.
> Or in `/distribution/policies.json` (Firefox ESR)
3 years ago
"Enabled": false,
"ProviderURL": ""
Some other settings can also contain Cloudflare URLs. It is recommended to search for "`cloudflare`".
![The about:config page which shows the Cloudflare DNS address in the network.trr.uri string.](../image/firefox-cloudflare-dns-settings.jpg)